Islamophobia and Fear

Our mail carrier seems to have an irrational fear of dogs. It’s so bad that she stays in her truck and honks the horn until we come out to get our packages rather than get out of her vehicle and carry it past our two tail-wagging dogs to the front door. She says she never […]

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What does Hope Look Like?

The 1950’s are characterized as a time of innovation and energy, optimism and hope for the future. Popularized in the late ’50’s by Frank Sinatra, the song High Hopes won the Academy Award for Best Original Song. I remember singing the song in my elementary school music class. It had a catchy tune, and a […]

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A Brave New Future Awaits! Are You Ready?

Advances in biotechnology promise us the ability to not only heal the sick but to enhance the human body and even create new life forms. Rapid advances in molecular genetics led to the creation of the Human Genome Project, an international mega-project, completed in 2003, that sequenced and identified all three billion chemical units in the […]

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