Current Projects

The Bounds of Time (Working Title)

Tecia Garmon, adopted as a young child and newly armed with a Physics degree from the University of Kansas, cannot control her insatiable curiosity which drives her to pick the lock to her physics professor’s basement to see if the rumors of an underground slave tunnel are true. Her snooping uncovers Dr. Ian Davidson’s secret which propels her back in time to the bloodiest period of Kansas’s history. When she comes up with an idea that she might change the past to give herself a better future, she doesn’t realize how that would affect countless others, some of whom would have given her the things her heart most desires. How will she choose?

Broadsided: The Final Plague

Book One

What would happen if a previously unknown virus began to kill many in a worldwide scourge? Young doctor Dan Bernard, failing to save the sick, struggles to put the puzzle pieces together with his superior diagnostic skills. As the infrastructure crumbles around him from lack of manpower, Dan realizes what his discoveries mean for his own wife and children. A race against time ensues as he attempts to reach them before it’s too late. Who or what is behind this? Isn’t there anyone he can save?


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