The written word has the ability to challenge, enrich and refine our thinking and understanding of the world in a way that nothing else can. With it we broaden our knowledge and perspective, discover ways to handle our own problems through the experiences and approaches of others, and learn new ways of looking at the world. Written stories bring us all these things. By joining hands through the pages of books, Kim hopes to share the discovery of what our lives are ultimately about, and to understand our place in the world a little better, thus lightening our common load. Kim writes to shine light on mankind’s existence, to entertain as well as to celebrate life, hope, and love, even through the worst of times.

Kim draws on her degree in Occupational Therapy to give her insight into the medical world, with three others of her immediate family in health care careers. Her five children challenged her to maintain her sanity during their growing years and then gave her six grandchildren to love, to date. Three dogs and two cats provide pet therapy. A flock of chickens, several honeybee colonies and a piece of farmland in South Central Kansas give her opportunity to protect and nurture natural resources. Among her other passions are gardening, mountains, people, wide open spaces, solitude for “thinking time,” and winter. Quilting gives her breaks from the computer screen. She firmly believes everyone needs a good quilt to accompany a good book.


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