A New Year

My word for 2015:

Direction: A course along which someone or something moves.

Ten ways in which direction could impact my life in 2015:

1. Direction implies movement. I must move.

2. A sense of direction-A course that must be taken to reach a destination. I must have a sense of direction in order to accomplish worthwhile things.

3. Which direction will I face? Or will I need to face in every direction to achieve perspective?

4. An unexpected direction. I might have a surprise from an unexpected direction, or sense that I should move in an unexpected way.

5. A step in the right direction: Sometimes we must courageously take that first step, watching the way open up before us.

6. A lack of direction: Not acceptable.

7. Under someone’s direction: Sometimes we must submit to those who have more knowledge than we, or sit at the feet of a teacher for a period of time.

8. Asking for direction: Is this hard for you to do? I like to hear the advice of others and then make the final decisions myself.

9. A purpose behind the direction-to lend motivation to begin and carry on.

10. Other words for direction: Way, course, route, bearing, orientation. Instruction. Orchestration, leadership, guidance. 

In searching the scripture for the word “direction” I came up with few instances that the word is used as we use it today. More often I found that the Bible uses wisdom, trust, or making our paths straight. Consider this verse,

Ezekiel 34:5  (CEV) They strayed in every direction, and because there was no shepherd to watch them, they were attacked and eaten by wild animals.

How’s that for a strong word picture? This implies that we should seek guidance from someone who knows the way, the Good Shepherd, before we take off in directions that could be dangerous or detrimental to us in some way that we can’t see.

Ane one more,

With all your heart
you must trust the Lord
and not your own judgment.
Always let him lead you,
and he will clear the road
for you to follow.

-Proverbs 3:5-6 (CEV)

As the New Year is upon us, I pray we will open our eyes and hearts to seeking direction and guidance from the One who can lead us in the way we should go, with a willing heart.

May you have a blessed and prosperous New Year.

-Kim Kendall

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