My desire is to share a love of story with others. Human beings, being relational by nature, are meant to share life. Too many things divide us and get in the way of what we need from one another. We can accomplish much together when we maintain respect, put others before ourselves, and show kindness and compassion. My greatest desire is that my words and voice always reflect these qualities. Please join me in celebrating the gifts and talents and the beauty and joy of human life.

In the Works

My passions in fiction writing include forays into the future and the past via time travel and speculation. I thoroughly enjoy finding the hero within my characters, finding out who they are and what their life struggles entail. They get into trouble and they have to find a way out. They learn and grow and prevail against villains and evil, and sometimes, themselves.

My newest and most exciting venture is a romantic suspense set on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, written with coauthor Terry R. Bleed.  in Pay the Piper, Our main character, Piper Jade, is a surfer with an obscure past. She is on the hunt for an unknown treasure, pursued by others who want what she’s seeking. What will she find? Will she find it before they do? And will she discover that elusive someone to love who will treasure her heart? Stay tuned for updates on the book’s availability.

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